Work With Me 

Energy Alignment, Healing & Light Language 
1 hour @ $150


This session is a 1:1 channeled energy alignment and healing activated through light language, reiki and other healing modalities. This includes energy attunements and recalibrations, clearings, as well as activations and downloaded messages from your spirit guides that specific to you and is what's most needed to come through at the specific time, for your highest alignment.

Anything that comes through my channel is what is most needed for you at the time of the session and for your highest alignment, however intentions can be set prior to the session (please share in the message box prior to booking your appointment).

Some examples of what can be done in my sessions include (but are not limited to): 

  • anchoring in a higher frequency
  • attunements for healing emotional, physical, mental and etheric energies
  • clearing blocks, attachments and energies holding you back
  • past life clearing, density clearing, timeline clearing, space clearing, chord clearing, akashic record clearing
  • etheric surgery
  • realignment of heart centre, anchoring in frequencies of: abundance, love and clarity -anchoring in higher timelines with a clearing of all things that do not serve you and your path
  • communication with your higher self and spirit guides and messages to help best assist you in your day to day life
  • receive activations, knowledge and psychic gifts from past lives

Whatever is happening in your physical world can be traced back to the energy behind it. Whether you feel stuck in old patterns, feel blocks, are unable to see clearly or simply don’t understand why certain things are happening to you, this can all be addressed through these energy sessions - restoring clarity, bringing peace of mind, re-aligning your energy field and reconnecting you back to your mind, body soul connection all in a safe place. 


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