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Seeing such incredible transformations through the modality of light language and reiki, is why I do what I do. I'm incredibly grateful that I get to get out of bed each and every day sharing this incredible healing modality with the world. I love helping others to align with their highest possible timeline so they can live their best life, full of abundance and thriving in their day-to-day world.

These workshops are a reflection of this and were created with a light of unconditional love to help you live your best life and to become the best possible version of yourself. You deserve to live an abundant life on your highest possible timeline. 

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This will be a 1.5 hour journey to clear, heal & upgrade all parts of you that are no longer serving your highest good. This will be a deep meditation journey with reiki, light language, sound & song.

June 13th - 10am @ Mandala Studio & Creative Space in Yaletown
June 14th - 10am @ Koret Lofts in Gastown

July 13th  & July 14th ~ 1.5 hours :  $40 
Choose from either:
 Mandela Studio in Yaletown on July 13th @ 10am or
ALL Studio in Gastown on July 14th @ 

Lotus Reiki light language guided meditation journey


This will be a 1.5 hour journey to clear, heal & upgrade all parts of you that are no longer serving your highest good. This will be a deep meditation with reiki, light language, sound & song.

What this includes:
  • chakra clearing, healing & upgrade
  • meridian clearing, healing & upgrade
  • nadi system clearing, healing & upgrade
  • clearing etheric system, energetic system, astral system, physical system & multi-dimensional system
  • healing parts of self that are needing to return to wholeness
  • inner child clearing, healing & upgrade
  • clearing of 1 karmic past event in this life
  • clearing of 1 karmic tie in this life
  • clearing & upgrading root cause of depression, anxiety, stress or any other type of lower frequency energy that is similar to what is mentioned
  • system clearing & activation for crystalline & rainbow light body
  • restoring balance & gridding into mother Gaia 5d
  • future self integration with your highest timeline - aka your dream life
  • anchoring in codes for abundance
  • anchoring in codes for clarity & purpose driven life events
  • timeline clearing & upgrades
  • quantum leaping onto your highest timeline
  • grounding into the present moment, into the now

Limit spots available, to book click on the paypal button or email                                                                                                       


Attune to the Frequency of Abundance :  4  x 1 hr channeled sessions  @  $222

ABUNDANCE acceleration

This workshop was designed as a 4-week program for activations of abundance. Your source code for light and a remembrance of sovereignty. You will be exploring a world of realization with ahh and delight through the realms of Arcturius and Lumeria where you will be clearing karmic debt, and past life karmic ties. Clearing in the first 2 weeks is a deep discovery back to past events that were holding you back from the abundance realm.

Week 3 you are in a realm of joy and bliss as we raise your frequency to hold the frequency of abundance, your natural state. You are in a frequency of abundance here as we journey through space and design your future self. We are here to activate your remembrance on this journey. Where you are learning to create. Create is a word being used to understand that you can create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

This is an abundant life. Life with the light inside your soul. Your Source Code blueprint. This is the code for your being in your abundant life. We are here to remind you to be a light to all here. A light that exists within is a light to be shared with the world. A love of more abundance follows with your light. We are able to show light in which you’ve never seen. The light of manifesting abundance in a very short time frame. This is creation. Creation is a light. 

Week 4 we journey to the Akashic Records to activate this abundant light into the layers of your being. The path that is certain - the one in which you are exploring in this lifetime. This is an activation for abundance in all forms. A life that is going to be a great light for many. A light so bright it stands a light for the future realms. The light in which you call abundance is a light we call Your Source Code. This is the realm of all. The realm of all is a journey to a whole realm where you are a creator. You are the creator of your realm. The realm in which you live. The realm of infinite abundance.

We welcome you to a love of creation - to play, to explore, to create, and to live a life in a way that you can be the light where you have it all. All is everything you have and everything you would like to have. A light full of unconditional love in the realm of the rainbow light of the whole. You are all here. You are the source code.

Attune to the Frequency of Abundance
4  x 1 hr channeled sessions  @  $150


Kirstie's Light Language Abundance Workshop was the missing piece for me. I've heard professional sports players talk how the game slowed down for them and it got easier and that's what my life felt like. I didn't slow down, I just felt like everything around me slowed down so whatever I was doing just felt easier.

There was abundance occuring everywhere across my life and I had this energy, a lifeforce inside of me that made me feel incredibly powerful. I want more of that! I will be signing up for the next course for sure :)

Highly recommend her Abundance workshop. Each day, I gained new insight, clearing, downloads, and an overall lighter feeling in all domains- heart, mind, body and soul. Kirstie provided guidance throughout the experience and as a novice on this journey, I felt well supported and safe to explore a new frontier (yes, I'm a Trekkie). Truly a positive multilevel experience. I finished weeks ago and feel like I'm operating from a different frequency. I'm genuinely smiling more (even while working short as a Nurse) and I feel a warmth and openness in my heart space. Others have noticed too, from near and dear ones to complete strangers.

- Simi S.
Facebook Review

Truly an amazing Abundance workshop!! Highly recommend it. Especially for skeptics. To those who have not heard light language, it's simply magical. If sparkles had a sound, this is it. Every day new insight is gleaned and shifts are felt both internally and externally. Kirstie creates an uplifting, inclusive and high vibe experience, no matter where you are on your journey. I look forward to more sessions.

- S. O.
Google Review

Wow Kirstie is a joy to work with! I have had a fair few Reiki and 1-1 healing sessions with her over the past 6 months and she has been able to remove and clear some real issues in my life. Since getting healing sessions I have noticed my life become more in flow and more trust is present. I am no longer worried about the future and I am no longer attracting narcissists into my life. I also joined her Abundance healing workshops for four weeks, some things came up for me, but overall I feel lighter and more excited about what's to come, it feels closer. I have been attracting things into my life that I wouldn't have before. My timelines have shifted and Kirstie was a part of that. Thank you! xx

- Charlotte A.
Google Review

Kirstie's workshop is amazing. I really enjoyed the experience and highly recommend to anyone!!

- Ricky A.
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4  weeks, 4 x 1 hr sessions  @  $222


To rise above duality is to rise above the constructs of your mind. To raise your vibration to a higher frequency and to enter a new level of clarity, an awareness that will first be felt within as it creates a ripple effect to be felt in the world around you as you hold the frequency of unconditional love.

This is a state of being. A love within to be explored, to expand a level of knowing that lies deep within. This is an understanding and a frequency shift, an attunement to clear a path in front of you to your highest timeline. Expanding your awareness on this 4-week journey through guided light language meditations, we begin by looking at all that does not serve your highest timeline, clearing the path for an abundant road. This is a road above the dualistic nature of your reality, one in which you are not seeing all that is.  All that can be.

Welcome you to a land of possibility, where we unlock the gifts of lifetimes past, the gifts of knowledge, the gifts of learning to see above the clouds. A way of thinking that will be a bright light to help you in your day-to-day. Welcome to a light so bright it creates an understanding of purpose, impact and creation. To see above the clouds is to see a bright light shines always. To rise above duality is to see the light that shines bright within is also a place that lives all around you.

Week 1 - Journey to the realms of Pleades: 
-clearing karmic ties
-past life trauma
-chakra clearing
-energy clearing
-upgrades to system
-working within

Week 2 - Journey to the Akashic records
-clearing the Akashic records
-clearing past events
-clearing timelines
-soul fragment retrieval
-upgrades to your energy body, your etheric body,  your physical body, your mental body, your multi-demensional being
-upgrades to self
-upgrades to nervous system
-rewiring paths that no longer serve your highest timeline
-clearing energetics
-clearing cords
-clearing deep unresolved energetic imprints
-clearing and realigning entire multidimensional self
*week 2 will be a deep clearing, get lots of rest, drink lots of water and eat nourishing foods

Week 3 - Journey to the Abundance Realm
-solar plexus upgrade, chakra upgrade
-navigating timelines, abundance realm, solar flare integration
-upgrades to clairs: 
-connecting with your spirit guides, your higher self and your galactic team

Week 4 - Clarity & Awareness
-activating soul star chakra system, earth star, merkaba, meridians, nadis
-upgrades to entire energetic
-knowledge of understanding and increase awareness that transends above the dualistic nature of day-to-day life.

This is a journey to the realm of unconditional love. A place where you explore the depths of your soul and flourish in the world around you.

What does that look like?

What does that feel like?

Working with integrating that future self here as we welcome that higher vibrational version of you and integrate codes through to your present being. This will be a light language transmission that will be integrated into every level of your being that will continue to evolve to bring through more understanding, awareness and unconditional love into your day-to-day world, shining a bright light on the path that's right in front of you, onto your highest timeline.

Duality is to evolve above the clouds, to evolve to a higher inner knowing, to see, to learn, to feel, to be, to understand that the light shines bright within and the light shines bright all around you.

**This workshop was done live over zoom each week for the entire 4-week duration. This purchase is for the replay that will be sent via email May 12th, 2024. If you were unable to make the live, you can be rest assured that watching the replay in your own time is just as impactful and you will have the same energetic experience as if you were watching it live.

Delivery Date May 12th via email.


4  x 1 hr channeled sessions  @  $150



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